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Adjunct Organizing

Posted by sethkahn on March 10, 2008

From today’s (March 10) Truthout–

Adjunct faculty in Michigan are organizing rapidly. I’ve seen many of these numbers before, but the way they’re compiled in this article makes them very powerful. At Wayne State U in Detroit, adjuncts outnumber tenured/tenure-track faculty 4-1. You can read the article to see more; even writing them makes me furious.



One Response to “Adjunct Organizing”

  1. mslynch said

    Thanks for the link, Seth! Before I came to KU, I was a “part-timer” at a single college with three–count ’em–part time contracts. I worked more hours than a full-timer, but with no health plan and less than half of the pay.

    That’s one reason that labor issues are important to me; I promised myself that I wouldn’t ignore those troubles once I had a more comfortable position.

    Like the folks in the article you linked to, I felt disconnected from the other adjuncts at my school. We were too busy to ever see each other! If only more institutions would organize.

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