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Faculty doing more administrative work?

Posted by sethkahn on April 6, 2008

I’ve only been back from Cs for about 20 hours, but I’m already thinking about next year’s panel proposal.  What I’m particularly interested in is the extent to which faculty go beyond our job descriptions to do administrative work, while administrative jobs grow (see the IHE essay I posted the other week).

In the context of InkWork, this phenomenon raises at least these questions I’d like to find answers to–

1.  How many comp/rhet faculty are hired to do administrative (WPA) work?  What kinds of job descriptions do they sign onto?

2.  How many comp/rhet faculty find themselves doing WPA work that they weren’t initially hired to do?  How do those responsibilities get assigned?  Evaluated?  Credited?

3.  How much of that responsibility crosses (or seems to cross) over into management territory?  In other words, how much of what we’re doing seems like it ought to be the purview of management instead of us?

4.  How and why do we take on that extra work?


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