Organizing, Advocacy, and Knowledge Work

about sethkahn

Born and raised in Hotlanta in a very Orthodox Jewish community.  Went to college at Wake Forest U in North Carolina, majored in history and philosophy.  Had my activist epiphany Summer 1989 working for Greenpeace.  From 1990-94 (roughly), I managed and did sound for a bunch of unheralded but very cool indie rock bands in Winston-Salem, NC.  When I realized I wasn’t going to find a stable career in the music industry, I got a job tutoring composition students at a nearby community college, which soon escalated to my starting a Writing Center (without knowing what one was, actually, or that there was scholarship or research about them.

Wound up doing my MA in English (Comp/Rhet) at Florida State, and PhD at Syracuse.  Been at West Chester U of PA since Fall 2002. I’m lucky to work not only in a functional English Department (no, that’s not a typo), but with 14 other comp/rhet specialists.  I teach comp courses pretty much all the time.  Also teach a genre-theory course for new English majors, an occasional seminar in Marxist theory, grad courses in critical pedagogy and qualitative research; I have a new seminar in the hopper called “We’re Revolting: Politics and Aesthetics of Punk Rock,” which, if approved, will run Spring 2009.

Check him out at Here Comes Trouble.


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